Past Exhibitions

The central exhibit space in the Lucie Greever Gallery is where visitors will find our newest exhibitions. 
Exhibitions examine a wide variety of topics relating to Southwest Virginia and Appalachian cultural heritage, and
display items from the museum collections as well as objects loaned from individuals and other museums.

In Exquisite Detail Exhibition.png

In Exquisite Detail: Fashion Dolls by Pete Ballard

The 39 dolls in this exhibition are a collection of scaled-down American fashions from the 18th century through the early 20th century created by renowned educator, fabric conservator, and costume historian,
Arthur J. “Pete” Ballard.  Artist Armande de Navarre painted each face with its own unique expression.  Many of the dolls are clothed in authentic materials from the time periods they represent.   Each figure is dressed entirely in period appropriate clothing, from the undergarments to the outerwear. 


For the Ultimate Peace

This exhibition commemorated the 100th anniversary of the United States' entry into World War I.  It examined the causes of the war and offered an in depth look at its impact on Americans, particularly those from Appalachia, both at home and on the front.  The exhibition also addressed some of the war's lasting effects, one hundred years later.

Dressed to the Nines 29.JPG

Dressed to the Nines

An exhibition celebrating fashion and what people were wearing for a night on the town during the early to mid-20th century.  Party clothes from different eras were displayed so that visitors could see how fashion trends shifted over the years.  The show presented a look at where the fashionable went to see and be seen, including country clubs and local hot spots from around the region.


Best Face Forward

A visual examination of how our understanding of image and self image have evolved from traditional portrait painting to the modern "selfie".  This exhibition explored what it means to create a portrait, including early styles, types of imagery, technology and image manipulation, standards of beauty, and why no one was ever smiling in those old family photographs.

The Battle of Kings Mountain (2005)

The Battle of Kings Mountain (2005)

Conflict Resolution

Keeping the peace between conflicting groups has never been an easy prospect.  This exhibition discussed various methods of conflict resolution focusing on law enforcement, the implementation of justice, the history of firearms, and petitions & protests to instigate change.


Elegant Elements

Silver treasures for the table adorned the gallery in this exhibition that examined the many and varied ways silver was used at home.  Place settings, baby spoons & cups, coffee, tea, & hot chocolate services were exhibited.  The items ranged from colonial pieces to modern designs and reproductions of styles by famous silversmiths (such as Paul Revere).  

Other past exhibitions include:

The Forties: The Decade That Changed America
Dance of Life: Appalachian Rites of Passage
The Fighting 9th
Civil War: Behind Battle Lines
Modern Marvels: Pioneering Inventions
New Harmonies
Pieces of History: Threads That Bind Us
The Battle of King’s Mountain
Movers & Makers: Appalachian Craft Revival
History of Athletics in Southwest Virginia
Virginia is for Lovers: Wedding Attire